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Some New Faces in the District (or Not so new)

We would like to congratulate Steve Taylor N7BEF who is taking over Washington Co. ARES as EC. Congrats to Lynn Burrell KE7WKM who has taken over the job as EC of the OOEM ARU, and John Core KX7YT who has become the District 1 EC.

Again Contgratulations to all.

Some images from QuakeX II

From Tim K7TRP Washington County ARES this photo of his mobile/portable Winlink Post Office Box setup at Dixie Mt. The PO Box allowed Columbia and Washington ARES to store and forward WL2K packet messages between the two counties during the SET during high winds and heavy  rain.            k7tep_mobilewinlink

From Clackamas County ARES/RACES, here is Ted K2TJR serving as Net Control during the Quake EX II SET. Clackamas focused on SSTV setup and transmissions from multiple locations around the county, tactical nets and mobile unit coordination. Clackamas units folded up early due to high winds and rain on SET day.


On the West Side, operators in the City of Tigard EOC COOP tent were getting soaked and had to scramble to move electrical equipment away from ares that were flooding from the heavy rain. Six ARES/RACES operations and several Tigard CERT volunteers were involved. Nobody got electrocuted according to Station Manager Richard Stack K7TKK.


Really big quake

The New Yorker magazine had a great article on the Cascadia earthquake and what to look forward to.
you can read it here

Did your group do something noteworthy?

EC’s did your ARES Unit do something that you would like to list here? Give your people some recognition the deserve. Every ARRL letter I get has a story about some ARES group doing something, but never are they an Oregon ARES unit. What Doesn’t Oregon ARES D1 do anything. A small group of us lead by Paul Thutt (KC7PMU) supported the Mt. Scott Motorcycle Rally Last month. Many Hams are supporting the Intel International Air Show this month. So post what your group is doing.

Portland Bridge Pedal volunteer opportunity

Jim Schaeffer, KB7ADH, is looking for ham radio volunteers to help with communications along the Bridge Pedal route on Sunday, Aug 9. Hams will be stationed along the route to report when they see the lead & tail of the event and to report any medical or safety conditions which may arise during the event. A 2-meter HT is required.

This particular exercise is not an ARES event. You will be serving as a volunteer to the Bridge Pedal.

If you would like to help or have any questions, contact Jim with your:

Amateur Call-
E-mail address-
Cell Phone # (if any)-

Jim’s contact information is:

Jim Schaeffer KB7ADH
Cell: 503-504-0272
e-mail: or

Washington and Clackamas ARES supports Mt. Scott Motorcycle Club

KC7PMU, K7RDB, W0DSF, W0KCF and KF7RQR Supported the Mount Scott Motorcycle Club for an endurance rally held in the Tillamook Forest.

States, Counties, Communities Recognize the Value of Amateur Radio

From the ARRL Letter June 25 2015

Washington Gov Jay Inslee has proclaimed the week of June 21 as Amateur Radio Week. He cited Amateur Radio’s contributions to the public in times of emergencies and disasters. “Amateur Radio operators deserve our recognition and a salute for hundreds of jobs well done,” the proclamation said.

ARRL NTS Confers Special Service Awards

From the ARRL Letter June 25 2015

The National Traffic System (NTS) conferred its prestigious Special Service Award upon two radio amateurs at the 2015 Dayton Hamvention® in May. The Special Service Award recognizes volunteers for outstanding, selfless, and lengthy service to the National Traffic System. The Pacific, Central, and Eastern Area NTS committees determine award recipients. Award winners receive the Special Service Award Plaque. Jim Wades, WB8SIW, the editor of QNI — An NTS Newsletter, announced the award winners at Dayton. Honored were:

Kenneth W. Jacobs, KD6PGI, Hood River, Oregon, for technical supervision and migration support of the NTS Digital Network BPQ32 Modernization Project. The BPQ32 migration provides the NTS with a modern, multimode, packet-switching environment capable of seamless integration with all AX.25 and IP-based networks. According to the announcement, Jacobs “donated countless hours consulting to NTS on BPQ32 migration strategy, environment installation, operator support, and implementation of custom NTS functionality in collaboration with developer John Wiseman, G8BPQ.”

Joseph F. Tracey, KB3LNM, Finksburg, Maryland, for his development and rollout of the NTSD Parser application, intended for use by ARES and other radio operators originating messages to format ARRL Radiograms for submission into the NTS Digital network via Winlink 2000. The software will generate appropriate message headers and footers, based on address information in each message, and place the messages in output files, sorted by precedence. An NTS Winlink Target Station receives the messages and delivers them via RF paths, typically within 1 hour.

Founded in 1949 by ARRL Communications Manager George Hart, W1NJM (SK), the National Traffic System, more than 2000 traffic handlers strong, operates more than 100 organized nets.

Air Show

The 2015 Oregon International Airshow is being held July 17-19. There is a map at this url:

Lynn with Washington County ARES is the person to contact to volunteer to help with communications.

Oregon Cascadia Area Faults

Bob W7ZXX sent me a cool web site about Coastal Oregon fault locations. Its a good read. He also had a link to recent quakes in the area. Click here to see the site.

Thanks Bob