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Solar News

NPOTA Event at Lewis and Clark National Historical Park Will Include Space Station Contact

Lewis and Clark National Historical Park in Astoria, Oregon, will partner with the Mouth of the Columbia Amateur Radio Club to provide park visitors with an opportunity to see Amateur Radio up close over the Labor Day weekend. As part of the ARRL National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) program, club members will set up a station at the park’s Netul Landing. The KF7TCG special event is set to start on the evening of Friday, September 2, and continue through the afternoon of Sunday, September 4. As a special highlight, an Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact has been set for Saturday, September 3, at 1821 UTC.

“This is an amazing cooperative effort between ARRL, the National Park Service, and the ARISS team,” said ARRL Media and Public Relations Manager Sean Kutzko, KX9X — who is also co-coordinator of the NPOTA program. “Using the science and skill of Amateur Radio to bring astronauts into a National Park Service unit devoted to the greatest scientific expedition in the history of the US highlights how much all three organizations have in common. We are all dedicated to public service, and exploration and education of the natural resources in and around our world. We are proud to use our skills and expertise to bring 21st century explorers to National Park visitors.”

This is the first NPOTA event to include an ARISS contact. ISS astronaut Takuya Onishi, KF5LKS, will field the questions from NA1SS on the space station. — Thanks to Lewis and Clark National Historical Park Ranger Sally Freeman


ISS Frequencies

The following frequencies are currently used for Amateur Radio ISS contacts (QSOs):    Voice and SSTV Downlink: 145.80 (Worldwide)
Voice Uplink: 144.49 for ITU Regions 2 and 3 (The Americas, and the Pacific and Southern Asia)
Voice Uplink: 145.20 for ITU Region 1 (Europe, Russia and Africa)
VHF Packet Uplink and Downlink: 145.825 (Worldwide)
UHF Packet Uplink and Downlink: 437.550
UHF/VHF Repeater Uplink: 437.80
UHF/VHF Repeater Downlink: 145.80


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