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Solar News

From KE7WKM and the OOEM ARU

2nd Saturday of every month we will reserve for training.

This is not a requirement, but a training opportunity

We have put together a little bit of a schedule of our 2nd Saturdays

We will focus on radio operations and COOP operations:

I want our training to be short and sweet 9AM to Noon, so we can get back to our families.

All ARES are invited to join in the training,

Anyone who gets this email, can pass this on to any ARES, even out of state.

Date        Subject/Training

Jan 9th    The fine art of Net Control HF/VHF

I am looking for 1 or 2 NCSs for this duty both VHF & HF

The least qualified gets priority

This Rediness test will be very short 9:00 to 10:30

                    The reason is we have some of our own maintenance at our stations

                      If you call us after 10:30  OEM will answer if we can

                    Send an activation message via Winlink.

                        If you are net control or in your area send an ICS309

                         If you have a lot of contacts and your not NCS send an ICS309

                            309 are important documents, ECs depend on them for AARs

                    Send an activation, if you have a TNC, great, if not send one Telnet

Send ICS 309 to me

VHF – Local VHF frequencies

                           I’m planning on using the ARRG repeater system

                               South Saddle Mtn 147.32 & 442.325 both + T100.0

                               KOIN on 147.040 & 442.225 both are + T100.0

                               Timberline – Mt. Hood 147.120 & 442.225 both + T100.0

                                Part of the Timberline system includes the new Central Oregon

                                    system to:

                               Cinder Butte – Redmond & Bend 147.040 + T114.7

                               Warm Springs 442.225 + T114.7

                           If you got a previous email, we need to drop:

                               Bend 147.040 + T100.00

                               La Grand 147.260 +T100.0

                               Pendleton 145.330 – T103.5

                            New tools comes new understanding

                         HF – 3.964 LSB

                           HF – 7.248 LSB

                          Anyone ARES that wants to play in this can do so

                          When checking in give NCS your:

                               Name, call sign, county & available back up power in hours


Feb 16     State ECC Operational Drill

ESF-8 Focus is on Health & Medical – Hospitals, Red Cross, etc.

Feb 20     Setup at Rickreall COOP trailer – pending permission

We will move our 2nd Saturday to 3rd on this month

March 12  HF Testing in COOP trailer 80/40m – Test antennas

April 9th    VHF/UHF local check-ins

HF check-ins

Winlink – Check your templates – send all the forms with all the info in place

I’ve found that some forms are broke, they won’t send – TEST your Templates

May 14th  Coop trailer – participants will call in & test antennas

May 16th  State ECC Operational Drill

ESF-18 Focus is on Business & Industry

June 7-10th  Cascadia Rising

July 9th   Only OEM made it to their station everyone else stays home

(part of this design is because June was a heavy month)

everyone checks in from their homes and gives a report

On the county level members check into Net Control

Net controls gives reports to OEM

August 13 Drop box setup & operate

Sept 10      HF check in and signal reports from their home counties

We will find a net control in another county

This is the plan, I Expect it to change.

Send me comments if you have input.

Lynn Burrell

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