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Solar News

Oregon ARES/RACES web site

Oregon ARES/RACES has a web site with a lot of good information at the state level. You can visit them at Oregon ARES/RACES

Washington County ARES 2nd Saturday Training 2/11/2017

Washington Co ARES is having training on Net Protocols and traffic handling (both Radiogram and IS-213).

Here is the power point that is going to be used:

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Jan 14th Second Saturday Training

Attention Hams in the D! district.
I have been talking to Ed Bodenlos W7EWB our D1 EC.
 Ed is all for this training for all that would like to join in.
   I’m trying to include all of D1 and more, anyone is invited.
Washington County ARES does 2nd Saturday training every month.
  Come join us, we can use your input to make this better.
The subject of this coming Saturday is the 72 hour kit.
  But that’s just the start.
    We will also talk about shelter in place, what’s in your car or office.
      What do need for your home.
  What should you bring to an event…depends doesn’t it.
This is for new and old hams, not talking about age.
We have been given permission to use 147.32
  we are working on adding 147.040 repeater to make sure Multnomah is included.
We will begin at 0900hrs to 1200hrs, 1/14/17, we will end earlier if our subject becomes exhausted.
Happy New Year!
Lynn Burrell KE7WKM
Washington County ARES
Cell 503-575-0479
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Oregon Fall Simulated Emergency Test (SET)

November 5, 2016 is the fall SET.  To get involve check with your county ARES unit.

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NPOTA Event at Lewis and Clark National Historical Park Will Include Space Station Contact

Lewis and Clark National Historical Park in Astoria, Oregon, will partner with the Mouth of the Columbia Amateur Radio Club to provide park visitors with an opportunity to see Amateur Radio up close over the Labor Day weekend. As part of the ARRL National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) program, club members will set up a station at the park’s Netul Landing. The KF7TCG special event is set to start on the evening of Friday, September 2, and continue through the afternoon of Sunday, September 4. As a special highlight, an Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact has been set for Saturday, September 3, at 1821 UTC.

“This is an amazing cooperative effort between ARRL, the National Park Service, and the ARISS team,” said ARRL Media and Public Relations Manager Sean Kutzko, KX9X — who is also co-coordinator of the NPOTA program. “Using the science and skill of Amateur Radio to bring astronauts into a National Park Service unit devoted to the greatest scientific expedition in the history of the US highlights how much all three organizations have in common. We are all dedicated to public service, and exploration and education of the natural resources in and around our world. We are proud to use our skills and expertise to bring 21st century explorers to National Park visitors.”

This is the first NPOTA event to include an ARISS contact. ISS astronaut Takuya Onishi, KF5LKS, will field the questions from NA1SS on the space station. — Thanks to Lewis and Clark National Historical Park Ranger Sally Freeman


ISS Frequencies

The following frequencies are currently used for Amateur Radio ISS contacts (QSOs):    Voice and SSTV Downlink: 145.80 (Worldwide)
Voice Uplink: 144.49 for ITU Regions 2 and 3 (The Americas, and the Pacific and Southern Asia)
Voice Uplink: 145.20 for ITU Region 1 (Europe, Russia and Africa)
VHF Packet Uplink and Downlink: 145.825 (Worldwide)
UHF Packet Uplink and Downlink: 437.550
UHF/VHF Repeater Uplink: 437.80
UHF/VHF Repeater Downlink: 145.80


National Parks on the Air

This weekend (Aug 25-28) Fort Vancouver is having free admission. Clark County Amateur Radio club will be active from Fort Vancouver.

c. HF/SSB:
(1.) 20M – 14.250, 14.260., 14.280, 14.325, and 14.335
(2.) 40M – 7.180, .220, and .246
(3.) 17M – 18.120 to 18.140
d. HF/Digital:
Band PSK-31 RTTY
160M 1.807
1.800 – 1.810
3580 – 3600
7025-7050/7080 – 7100
10120 – 10150
14080 – 14100
18100 – 18110
21080 – 21100
24910 – 24930
28080 – 28100
e. VHF/UHF Local – 146.58MHz simplex


(100) years of the
August 27 2016

August 25 – 27, 2016
The four sites that make up the national park:

Reconstructed Fort Vancouver, Vancouver Barracks, Pearson Air Museum, 
and the McLoughlin House in Oregon City, Oregon.
1. The entrance fees (WAIVE) for the three days! 
2. All 412 National Park Service will observe the Centennial.
3. On August 27 from 9 am to 5 pm, costumed historical reenactors will
offer interactive historic demonstrations inside the reconstructed Fort
Vancouver. On the Vancouver Barracks Parade Ground, visitors can learn
about the site’s military history at historic weapons demonstrations
taking place at 10 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm. In the Great Meadow, across from
Pearson Air Museum, reenactors from the 1st Oregon Volunteer Cavalry
will represent the site’s Civil War-era history.
4. At 10 am, an opening ceremony will unveil a new permanent exhibit at
Pearson Air Museum: an Airco 1919 DH-4B Liberty Plane restored by
Century Aviation of Wenatchee, Washington. Visitors will learn how DH-4
Liberty Planes are linked with the history of Pearson Field. The
Vancouver Community Concert Band will perform historic songs for this
5. The entrance fees (WAIVE) for the three days!
6. At the park’s Visitor Center, a time capsule, will be sealed at 1
7. At the McLoughlin House in Oregon City, tours of the historic home
take place every hour from 10:15 am to 3:15 pm.
8. From August 25-27, in the Great Meadow section of the park opposite
the reconstructed Fort Vancouver, the Clark County Amateur Radio Club
will have on display and be transmitting live HAM radio, as part of the
“National Parks on the Air” campaign in cooperation with the
“ARRL” Amateur Radio Relay League.
The public is encouraged and invited to come over and listen and learn
about HAM radio.
9. The entrance fees (WAIVE) for the three days!

Welcome to the New Oregon ARES District 1 EC

Oregon ARES District 1 would like to welcome Ed Bodenlos W7EWB as the new District 1 Emergency Coordinator.


Fun with Scouting

Hal (KC7ZZB), Debbie (W0DSF), and Kevin (W0KCF) spent the day talking to Scouts that were camping at Trojan Park near Rainier. Russ (N7QR) was the control operator at the scout camp and Chuck (W7HDF) suppied the communications trailer.

IMG_5139 IMG_5141

We made contact with 52 scouts through out the day. The scouts asked many great questions, and a few expressed a high level of interest in getting their Tech license. It is events like this that really promote Amateur Radio. We would like to thank Amateur Radio Relay Group, Inc. for the use of the 147.32 repeater and the Amateur Radio community for allowing the contacts.

NEW NTS Website

Northwest Oregon Traffic and Training Net now has a website. If you are new to National Traffic System traffic and how to format and send/receive traffic this is a great site. If you are a old hand at traffic handling, you can refresh you knowlege and see the stats of the NTTN. Please visit it at www.nttnweb.us

Technician Class to be Held

Amateur Radio Technician Class to be Held

Testing for all License Classes to follow

Clackamas Fire District 1 CERT Communications Group is sponsoring an amateur radio technician class. The class will be held at Fire Station 14, 28655 SE Highway 224, Boring, OR. Classes will be held April 15, 2016 from 7-10 p. m., April 16, 2016 from 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. and April 17, 2016 from 9 a. m. until completion of all tests.

Register for classes by email: Kevin Fox – w0kcf@arrl.net with your name and location.

Testing will begin at approximately 1:00 p. m. on April 17, 2016. In addition to technician tests, persons wishing to upgrade their existing license are welcome to test. A photo identification and a photocopy of your amateur radio license (if upgrading) or CSCE is required. There is no registration for testing. Testing is open to the general public. The fee is the standard $15.00 to cover supplies and testing materials.

Digial mode Training

We did some info and training on digital modes. the info was provided by Jim Beischel WB8NUT
and his website is at www.wb8nut.com/digital




hope to see you on digital soon